Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Golden Birthday, or: Goodbye

            Hi! December 4th is this blog’s anniversary day, and it will be the fourth anniversary! This blog has been around for far too long. If we compiled everything I’ve written here into a more constructive release pattern, it’d probably still be 2012. Sorry.
            I’m going to plug things. I finished a novel, which you can read fo’ free while I revise it, since I’m really thinking that I might hahaha no not really. Just read it! I think it’s pretty good, but I’m a little biased as I spent an entire year of my life on it. Read it here.
            I write for a D&D website, which is very very exciting. That can be found here. I’m the guy who’s called Udalf Alfisol. I write about being awesome at tabletop gaming.
            Here’s a piece that I wrote that I think is pretty good. It's much shorter than the novel at 1/100th of the length.
            So, I plug all of these things, not only because I’m self-serving and an idiot, but mostly to show you that with these things I did, and the Real Life things I’m about to start doing, I don’t really have time for this blog. I have much better outlets for half of the stuff that I come up with now. Like I have a history idea pop into my head? Well, I’ll just make that a lesson plan.

            I want to thank everyone that’s trudged through history, Simpsons references, and personal writings with me over the past four years. Holy crap. Four years.
            Four years ago, I was a college freshman who stopped playing video games long enough to write a speech about Pokemon for class. I thought it was funny, and wanted more people to see it, so I started a blog.
            Between the start and the first anniversary, I wrote an awful awful novel-length story, got a girlfriend, and whittled a chess set. I also got a job as a freight worker at a certain Depot that carries Home improvement parts. I learned what it is to hate your job so hard that you come home shaking with rage every night, despite being so tired you can’t climb the stairs at 1am.
            Three years ago, I began noticing that I get a lot sadder when winter comes around, and put in a couple of short stories that I think are still pretty funny.
            Between my first and second anniversary, I got a job waiting tables and discovered I ruled at it, and that despite rude customers and an uncertain income level, I loved doing it. I moved out of the dorms into my first apartment, and was incredibly lazy about keeping it up. That fall, my girlfriend and I broke up.
            Two years ago, I was going through a mild but still very present phase of depression, though it was probably more Seasonal Affective Disorder. This blog helped my have something to strive towards doing, but to be honest I didn’t really utilize it to its full advantage.
            Between my second and third anniversary, I went to Seattle and Portland, and discovered the former is my favorite city in the country. I learned how to plan and how to not plan pieces of vacations, and when those two things are each valuable. I got back together with the girlfriend, got over the depressive spell (I think those two things are just as related as I just juxtaposed them) and moved from an apartment to a house. I turned 21, probably drank too often after work, still at the same restaurant, and did absolutely nothing really that creative.
            A year ago, I thought about shutting down the blog. I never wrote in it, people never looked at it, and the internet needs the bandwidth. Why I decided not to, I don’t know. I made it through winter happier than ever, and began playing D&D. Those two things AREN’T as related, but are both nice. I began a short story about what it would be like to live in an empty city and have to rebuild society.
            From that time until now, I’ve written that story, all 200+ pages of it, gone to Boston and New York with that girlfriend, and turned that girlfriend into a fiancée. I’ve quit the waiting job, coached a soccer team of high school girls, worked odd jobs and been fired from one for dubious reasons, got a real job as a bartender. I took a creative writing class that bolstered my confidence in my writing more than anything else I’ve ever done, read my writing at open mics, and received encouragement to try and get pieces published. I ran a god damn marathon.
            Right now, at this fourth anniversary, I’ve sent several pieces out, and am waiting to hear back. I’m scheduled to get married in 2016. I begin student teaching in less than a month, and applying for real teaching jobs in less than five months.
            I have four and a half more nieces and nephews than I had when I started the blog (one is due in less than a month, so he counts). I actually need to shave three times a week. I’m still as pale as ever. I keep my hair long instead of buzzed, now, and feel awful if I don’t work out at least twice a week. I am making plans to move in with someone forever, even if it means leaving the roommate I’ve had for half a decade.
            I didn’t mean for this to go this direction- I originally planned to be like “Hey, Matt, I’m shutting down this blog,” and be done with it. But now, looking back, I’m so incredibly happy that I started it and continued with it through college. I can see growth not only through my writing skill, but through the memories of where I was when I wrote them all. I know everyone grows through college- I’m not special. But damnit, this is the last thing I’m going to write here, so let me have my moment.
            I’m going to be sad to see a lot of what I wrote here go. The list of presidents with blurbs attached is one of my favorites to re-read. I still tell the theories about American and world history as high school events at parties. Some of the short stories I’ve written have aspects I adopt into more serious pieces. The review of Western History as a book is among one of my favorites.
            But it’s all time for it to go. This blog was a piece of me from college, and that piece is going to be left behind as the rest of me moves on. In conclusion, 22 year old man is sad he’s growing up, but in a really verbose fashion.
            Thank you again for reading as much as you did, if any. I promise to ceaselessly promote anything I write in different ways.


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