Monday, September 22, 2014

Passing the Bar

Craig Marbury was a big shot corporate lawyer who had it all: money, cars, loose women; but the one thing he didn't have was love. He couldn't understand what he was missing until he met her- a public defender with a heart of gold.

Jennifer Madison couldn’t make time for anyone. Overwhelmed by her case load, she doesn’t have the hours in a day to make friends or meet people, and her sad squalid apartment is empty on days when she just wants to relax. She didn’t think she’d ever find someone to fill that apartment until she met the corporate lawyer with the chiseled jaw and fancy suits.

Introduced by their mutual friend, Plessy Ferguson, Marbury and Madison are initially at odds: will these two overworked lawyers make a motion- towards love?

When Jen goes on a date with each of the Scotts that Craig works with, he doesn’t know what to do. Not only just clean cut Scott, but she goes out with the one with dreadlocks too? If she’s willing to accept Dread Scott, maybe she isn’t for him!

But when he drives out to the Charles River Bridge, about to jump, she arrives just in time in a boat to talk him down into the shallow water. Now there’s only one way to get to land: Row with Jen or wade ashore himself! He chooses the boat, and they live happily ever after, together.

Coming this Fall, in: (Choose one)

Marbury vs. Madison
The Federal Just Us System
You’re On Her, I Object!
Habeas Corpus
Approaching the Bench
Conflict of Interest

Thank god the market is undersaturated with movies and shows about lawyers, so we'll really stand out!

Special thanks to @LegalDinosaur for help with jokes.

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