Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Asexual Leather Anniversary

            This blog has been around for three years. That blows my mind. Complied correctly, like how Tupac should have made “All Eyez On Me” the best single album in hip-hop history (hip-hopstery), the blog would be around 2 years, but I’m not one to judge. I have to recuse myself from this imaginary trial. I’M PLAYING BY THE RULES, OKAY?

            Anyhoo, thank you for occasionally checking out this blog whenever I write something. I know I don’t do it very often, but there’s times when I get an idea in my head and if I didn’t have some place to shove it into people’s faces, I’d go crazy. Like the piece about WWI being a high school drama? I had that in my head for weeks before I made ya’ll read it. Without this blog, it would either be in a journal to be read by even LESS people, or blasted into the side of a mountain. Come to think of it, I’m diggin’ this “Giant Excavation” method of explaining crude analogies…

            You guys might have to bear with me for awhile, I’m not sure how much I’ll be producing. I’ve been kicking around short story ideas in my head but here’s a fun fact about writing: It’s terrible and I hate it. Have you ever sat down to write something creative and thought “Weeee! This is fun!” No. It’s all “UGH WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF” as you open another word document. Whiny train aside, I might be running some length-unknown short story bits on here in the future as a method of motivation for me to actually finish stories for once. If it wasn’t 95 pages and over 500,000 words, I’d post the novel-ish thing I’ve been “working on” (read: talking about) for the past 2 ½ years, even if they did make a movie that steals its basic plot. Update on that whole thing, by the way: turns out it was more about nuclear war than Fascism, so I think I’m safe.

            I know I’ve been talking like I have some sort of cult following or invested fan base, but really, the fact that sometimes people read my stupid stuff is enough for me, so thanks to the both of you that do.

            As always, here’s my favorite GIF. It's Ghostface Killah eating an apple in the music video for "Gravel Pit" while wearing a fur coat and matching fur hat. It's basically my child.

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