Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Crushes, pt. 2

                Sarah walked out of the darkness towards the table. He looked down at all the players. “You already have six. I’d hate to mess the rotation up,” he said. Then realizing the whole situation didn’t make much sense, Sarah continued, “What’s going on?”
                The card players all looked at each other, eyebrows raised. It had been some time since there had been a new appearance, and nobody knew exactly how to begin. Finally, the boy with Stephanie on his purple shirt calmly put his cards down and stood up. Keeping both hands on the table, he began to talk.
                “I don’t really know how to tell you this, but we’re inside of a giant person. Judging from our best guesses, this giant’s name is Mick and he looks just like all of us. We watch through his eyes,” Stephanie gestured to the windows, “as he goes about his business. We’re here because Mick meets girls and develops an attraction to them. Then we are created, and live out our existences watching and hoping to glimpse our counterpart.”
                “I’m afraid this is a lot to handle,” Sarah said, disturbed.
                “You’re telling us! Just think how it felt for poor Allison over there. He was here before anyone else,” Stephanie swung his hand in the general direction of a tired looking twin in a white shirt, who lazily waved his hand at Sarah.
                Suddenly, the window swung away from the chalk board it had been facing to the blonde haired girl that had been there before. Sarah watched this happen, visibly stunned.
                “Who is that? She’s beautiful,” he said in wonderment.              
                Stephanie reached out and grabbed Sarah’s shirt, pulling it away from his body, and showed him the writing on the garment. “That’s Sarah, your counterpart.”
                “I don’t think she’s that great,” Ashley said, crossing his arms. Several others agreed, but Sarah paid no attention. He walked slowly to the window, as Emily had done before him.
                “She’s beautiful,” Sarah said again, but to his surprise, his words echoed in a loud whisper that reverberated around the room. Sarah looked around himself, shocked.
                “That always happens with new crushes,” Stephanie called from the card table. “You’ve got more control over Mick’s thoughts than we do, or you will, down the line.”
                Just then, the outside Sarah turned to see Mick still looking at her. Inside Sarah leaned even further over the railing, enamored.
                “Careful, new guy. Mind the gap,” Ashley said, arms still folded.  Sarah looked down and saw how far out he had been leaning over a seemingly bottomless pit. Outside Sarah smiled, and blushed. Both giants turned back to the blackboard. The man with Sarah on his shirt backed away from the railing.
                “There you go, bud. Just come on back. It’ll do you no good to stay up there. Believe me,” Allison said from his chair at the card table. Sarah’s eyes did not leave the windows as he backed up. The newest twin suddenly stopped short, then began to run at the railing. “Kid! No!” Allison yelled.
                “What’s he doing?” Emily asked, panicked. No one answered, instead watching Sarah plant his foot on the top rail, catapulting himself past it. He flew for a short time before falling tragically short of the window. The other crushes lost sight of him as he fell past the ground level. They ran up to the rail and looked down the gap.
                Outside the window once again swiveled to Sarah’s face and the voice boomed from everywhere. “Hey, after class you want to go to the union, maybe get something to eat?”
                Outside, Sarah turned, happily surprised, and replied “Yeah, I do.” The crushes walked back to the card table, and sat down, stunned.
                “That was the quickest anyone’s gone from meeting to jumping,” Allison said, knowledgably.
                Once again, Sarah walked from the darkness.

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