Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Crushes, pt. 1

                Just to avoid confusion, I'm telling you all right now that I just tried picking generic girl's names and most don't have any actual meaning on my life. Except the ones that do. Now it's a mystery!

                They did not know where they came from, or how long they had been there. Each one identical to the rest but all wearing different t-shirts, discernable by color and the large name imprinted across the chest. None of them had, or perhaps could just not remember, their own names, and instead had to refer to each other by the name on the shirt. Each one was an average looking teenage male with the same short blond hair and dark blue eyes. Other than the shirts which never came off, they were clad in identical jeans and gray sneakers. Mostly, to pass the time, they played cards. Bets were never made, as they had no concept of money.
                “Ashley!” one of them yelled across the card table. The blond haired man looked up, startled. The first one, whose shirt read Christine continued, calmer this time. “It’s your turn. Spades were laid.”
                The man with the lime green shirt that read Ashley in white block letters played his card, and returned to staring out the only window in the room. The window extended from dark pink carpet to jet black ceiling and was the only light source in the entire room. Luckily, outside there was snow, and it reflected brightly into the room, which seemed limitless as the back wall remained shrouded in darkness. Back outside the window, jets of fog shot out from below. Ashley wondered just how cold it was outside. He unfortunately took the trick.
                Suddenly, the man whose chest displayed Emily stood up. He remained at the table, gazing out the window. The rest of the table, which totaled six people, turned to follow his gaze.
                “Oh no,” Stephanie said. “Incoming.” The rest of the table made a sympathetic noise as Emily walked slowly, as if hypnotized, towards the window. Outside, an impossibly large face loomed in front of the window. It was a beautiful girl with brown hair poking out from underneath her stocking cap. Her green eyes seemed to stare straight into the windows.
                “Hey Mick,” the giant said in a pleasant voice, “How are you?”
                Emily had reached the window but was stopped short of touching it by a small, discrete handrail. On the other side of the handrail was a large drop whose bottom could not be seen due to the low light. Emily poked his torso out over the railing as far as it could safely go. He stared out the window back into the giant’s green eyes.
                “Emily!” a loud voice boomed, seeming to generate from the room around them. Quieter whispers flew around them in the dark room.
                “Jokingly mean.”
                “Funny. Funny. Funny. This whisper grew louder as it was repeated. Again the large voice boomed.
                “Hiiiii! It’s so friggin cold out I swear I’m going to punch winter straight in the face.” Outside, the giant woman smiled then began to walk away again.
                “Well it was nice to see you. I’ve got to go to class. Bye!” The giant walked past, and the windows turned to watch her pass.
                “Bye! Hopefully see you later,” the loud voice boomed louder than before, trying to reach the departing woman. Suddenly, the windows turned to face forward again, but this time looking downward. Ground an incredible distance down clipped by at a fast pace.
                The man with the Emily shirt stepped away from the window and began walking, visibly dejected, back towards his five twins, who exchanged glances awkwardly. All knew they should say something, but none of the twins knew what words to use.
                Emily sat with a large thump back at the table and slowly picked up his cards. He played his hand. Although the pain and sadness lessened every time he slowly walked back to the table, it still hurt.
                The game continued as it always did. When Ashley next looked out the window, it displayed dozens of giants, all surrounding Ashley’s home. The windows turned to display a new blond giant. She looked through the window again and extended her hand.
                “I’m Sarah,” she said. “I saw you in here last semester and you looked like you knew what you were doing.”
                A hand extended from below the windows to grasp Sarah’s and shook it.
                “I’m Mick,” the voice boomed. Once again, whispers flew before settling on “phony confidence” almost as soon as they started. “And I try my best, you know, do what I can,” finished the voice that emanated from everywhere.
                The giant smiled again.  “Well maybe you can be my tutor.”
                Suddenly, the men playing cards heard footsteps. They all turned in unison to see a new twin walking out of the blackness in the back of the room. On his black shirt read “Sarah” in the same white block letters.
                “Do you know how to play hearts?” Ashley asked.

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